Three things: Titans-Vikings

Three things to look for in the Titans' preseason finale at Minnesota tonight:

Healthcare: The single biggest concern for the Titans, and for every team in the league, is making it through the game healthy. If there is any kind of injury that would be a factor 10 days from now, harsh as it may be, they need it to be to a guy who’s getting cut (or settled with) on Saturday or to a third-stringer. Anything that impacts the depth chart for the Sept. 8 game in Pittsburgh would make preseason game No. 4 a failure.

Vanilla: The Titans showed very little scheme-wise in their first two games and while they planned more for the Week 3 dress rehearsal against Atlanta, it wasn’t close to everything. So for the brief time we see the frontliners, the question will be about how they fare in one-on-one matchups. Can linemen win? Can a receiver beat a corner? Can a linebacker handle a tight end? Beyond simple, straightforward man-versus-man matchups, there isn’t going to be a lot to take away.

Tommie Campbell: Alterraun Verner will start, but he’s not expected to play much. Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray said Campbell will play the rest of the game, though he may have been exaggerating. Gray left open the possibility that both players could wind up with starts opposite Jason McCourty at cornerback this year depending on the matchups the Titans have coming. It’d be better if they like one enough to decide he’s the guy barring a major change.