Texans' Brown set for tussle with Freeney

HOUSTON -- Texans left tackle Duane Brown thought he was rid of Dwight Freeney.

"I won't say I was relieved, but that's a matchup on your calendar you circle," Brown said.

Freeney spent the first 11 years of his career with AFC South rival Indianapolis, so for all of Brown's five years in the NFL, he's had to face Freeney at least once a year, usually twice. It's been part of Brown's development and part of why he's so good. Getting beat by the best teaches a player a lot.

Brown said he's never had a season where he completely shut Freeney down. Last season he didn't. But he has had games where he has.

"You pass the ball against him enough, eventually he'll get it," Brown said.

Freeney left the Colts in free agency to join the San Diego Chargers, and the battle between he and Brown will be one of the best matchups to watch Monday night.

"He's a heck of a player," Brown said. "Still as dominant as he was in his younger years. I look forward to it."

The volume of the crowd inside the Colts' indoor stadium made a difference for Freeney and that will change in San Diego's outdoor stadium. But Brown doesn't expect anything different from Freeney.

One thing will feel weird, though.

"It's different seeing him in a different color jersey," Brown said. "Some guys you see their whole career and you can't imagine them playing with a different team. I think he's one of those guys."