Hopkins touts awesome Clemson intro

HOUSTON -- If you watched Saturday night's game between Clemson and Georgia, you saw one of the coolest college football traditions around.

Clemson's football team showed up at the stadium they call Death Valley in busses, the players all dressed in game uniforms, and, with the crowd at a sustained roar, they ran down a hill right in the center of the stands, between screaming fans onto the field.

Houston Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins was there that night, but he's been part of it so many more times.

"You get chills," said Hopkins, whom the Texans took out of Clemson in the first round of April's draft. "It's something that I wish every college football player can experience. Even our rivals, just because of how great the atmosphere is there. It's something that everybody should experience. The atmosphere, it's unreal.

"Everybody says LSU is the real Death Valley, I had people from Georgia telling me it was the loudest crowd they've every played in. That's the SEC. They were like, 'We tip our hats to you guys. We used to think LSU was the only Death Valley. We gotta give you all credit.'"

Hopkins said his first time running down the hill nearly moved him to tears.

"I looked up to my uncle and my older cousin, Javis, and both of them played there," Hopkins said. "It was just something that I used to watch as a kid growing up there that used to be my favorite thing, to watch them run down the hill. It was amazing."