Mailbag: Once around

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Jim in Tallahassee, Fla. writes: One problem I have with Greg Garber's article on the Jags attendance is that he makes no real link to how hideous the Jags home schedule has been. The first four teams to visit Jax are a combined 7-22 with four of those wins coming from Arizona. The two teams most likely to draw fans are the last two games on back to back weekends in December when no one will care because the season is shot. Put the Miami game and the Indy game in the first four games and you likely have at least one sellout and one near sellout if not a sellout. Would you agree the schedule maker did no favor for the Jaguars?

Paul Kuharsky: The schedule maker, of course, draws up what games are played when. Not what team plays what teams.

I understand your position though defending NFC champ Arizona as the home opener and Tennessee, which was the best team through the NFL's regular season last year, looked like appealing games when the schedule came out, no?

The other position would be that with these "bad" games early, the Jaguars were handed easier games to win and they could create more buzz with the better record they could build if they beat teams like St. Louis, Kansas City and Buffalo in matchups before Thanksgiving.

Joe in West Virginia writes: Do you think the Colts should bring back Edge to help with the running game?

Paul Kuharsky: I don’t. I think the Colts running issues are more related to the blocking than the backs and I feel like if both Arizona and Seattle think James is done he’s probably done. Fans can be too sentimental when they automatically put a player back with his old team.

Craig Jackson in Culloden, WV writes: I am a Steelers fan, but like the Texans cause of Steve Slaton by way of WVU. Of course that is why I like him cause I had the pleasure of watching him for 3 years. People say that his fumbling was a problem coming into the draft, but I have seen him play a lot and he doesn't normally fumble like that. Except his sophomore year when he needed wrist surgery after the year. All I can say is that I wish people would get off his back. If Ryan Moats was always this good he would've been the starter all along and he is not. So what does that tell you?

Paul Kuharsky: It tells me that your declaration that “he doesn’t normally fumble like that” isn’t really relevant, as he’s normally fumbled like that seven times in eight games, including the last three in a row. Think what you will of Moats, he’s coming off an excellent game and put the ball on the turf zero times.

People should get off his back because you both have ties to WVU? If seven fumbles in eight games doesn’t mean a guy deserves grief, what does?

Ryan in Palm Desert, CA writes: After Vince Young's game on Sunday where he checked down on receivers and ran when things broke down do you think Norm Chow may have in fact hindered VY's development by trying to mold him into a pocket passer?

Paul Kuharsky: While Fisher and Chow certainly didn’t build an offense around Young, they didn’t ask him to be a pocket passer either. He’s the one who seemed determined not to run at times, which drove them all crazy.

One game in his second act is hardly enough for us to make any big pronouncements.