Locker Room Buzz: Tennessee Titans

PITTSBURGH -- Observed in the locker room after the Titans’ 16-9 victory over the Steelers:

Terrible towel commentary: From the Titans' locker room before the doors opened to the media, a loud commentary carried well beyond the doors -- “Hey, [bleep] those Terrible Towels.”

The receiver in red: Titans receiver Nate Washington, who started his career with the Steelers, was decked out in red after the game. He wore a red sports coat over a red shirt, with red and brown shoes. For good measure, he had a red phone case with a red cord on his red and white Beats headphones.

The crazy safety: Darius Reynaud’s gaffe on the opening kickoff spotted the Steelers 2 points. He tried to take a bouncing ball back into the end zone for a touchback, and it turned into a safety. Teammates said they told him to forget about it. But, running back Chris Johnson admitted he told Reynaud something else about the kickoff after the win was in the books. “You should have brought it out.”