Pollard hit not worth same as Jackson hit

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- One hit drew a flag. The other didn't.

That wasn't the only distinction between Bernard Pollard's hit on Andre Johnson and Kareem Jackson's hit on Kendall Wright during the Houston Texans' win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

Poll 10 random football analysts or fans, and I am guessing there would be unanimous opinion that Jackson's hit was worse.

I think it was substantially worse.

The NFL thinks it was the same, or thinks it is worth the same once Pollard's history and reputation were put into whatever equation they use. I'd like to see the actuarial table put to use by the league here.

Pollard said he doesn't expect to win an appeal, if only because the league is so backed up from fining so many defenders.

His suggestion to help confused defenders and even officials:

“If you don’t want us to play defense, don’t call us 'defense' and take us off the field,” he said. “Just let them go against air. Let’s see what that do to the ratings of this game.”

(News story on his reaction is here.)

By Pollard's estimation, if he'd done what Jackson did he would have been fined six figures and might have been suspended.

"If I went in for the same hit that Kareem Jackson did on Kendall [Wright] that thing would have been bad, real bad," he said. "It sucks, because for us as defensive players, it’s hard to play this game now. We can’t play the game thinking, and that’s what they are trying to make us do. This game is too fast, guys are too quick. Trying to make a split-second decision, we’re going to hurt ourselves."

Another Titans veteran safety, George Wilson, is far more mild-mannered than Pollard. He, too, was dumbfounded that the hits brought the same fines.

"Those are two totally different types of hits," he said. "I'm not a fan of the system. Ask them. There is no way those two hits are the same."

He's right.

And for those who say Johnson wound up with a concussion and Wright was not hurt: Wright didn't practice Wednesday and was on the injury report with a concussion.