Colts are now a bigger obstacle for Titans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Texans established on Sunday that they remain better than the Titans. I believe Tennessee's most realistic chance to get to the playoffs this season is to pass the Colts, and get to the postseason as a second-place wild card.

That was unlikely to me even as the Colts have suffered season-ending injuries to running back Vick Ballard, guard Donald Thomas and tight end Dwayne Allen. I think the Colts with Andrew Luck are better than the Titans with Jake Locker, even if the Titans' offseason additions are a better overall group (which isn't a certainty at this point).

But Indianapolis' surprising trade Wednesday -- giving up their 2014 first-round pick for Cleveland running back Trent Richardson -- upgrades the Colts significantly.

"He makes the Colts substantially better," said ESPN.com's resident scout, Matt Williamson. "Such a powerful runner and a very good receiver as well, which of course fits what they want to do. Stud."

Indy's new offensive triumvirate of Luck, Richardson and Reggie Wayne far outdistances any trio the Titans can field at quarterback, running back and receiver.

And having a big-time trio at those spots will do a lot to keep a team in contention and ahead of a team without one.

The Titans, of course, still may wind up ahead of the Colts. But it just got harder for them to get there.