A day Chuck Pagano will never forget

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano stopped to kiss his wife, Tina, goodbye on his way out the door to the team facility Wednesday morning when she told him what day it was. It was the one-year anniversary of Pagano being diagnosed with leukemia.

“She reminded me and said, ‘Just a year ago today was the day that we had to take that ride downtown and find out what we had,’” Pagano said on a conference call with Jacksonville reporters. “It’s hard to believe. It almost seems surreal, to be honest with you. It’s been a year already and we’re sitting here back to normal. I’m very, very lucky.”

Pagano ended up only coaching four regular-season games and the one playoff game as he battled the leukemia. He attended three games and also visited the team facility at different times while he was out receiving treatment.

“It was a bye week, so my wife coaxed me into having some tests run and thank God she did,” Pagano said when he asked what made him go to the hospital.