Texans G Jones shocked by Oliver death

HOUSTON – Houston Texans guard Ben Jones spoke to Paul Oliver this offseason when Jones' former college roommate sought advice from Oliver about entering the NFL.

He was shocked to learn yesterday that Oliver, 29, had died of what police said was a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"When they said it, I was like, 'No way,'" Jones said. "It’s just crazy how people would do that or what went through his mind to make him do that. I definitely give my prayers out to his family and everything. It definitely shocked me when they said that because he’s a great guy, always worked hard, and he had some trouble with grades in school, that's why he left early, but he was always a hard worker so I never thought he would do something like that."

Oliver played for the San Diego Chargers from 2007 to 2011. He was a fourth-round pick in the 2007 supplemental draft after being ruled academically ineligible at Georgia, which is also Jones' alma mater.

"Bulldog nation, we’re really tight," Jones said. "We try to stay in touch with our old players. They always come back and speak to the young guys. That was definitely something that’s going to hit home. I sent a text message to all the seniors from my year -- 'Hey, reach out to their family and everything, whatever we can do.' We’re going to try and help out any way we can."