Jaguar players not worried about trades

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Eugene Monroe made a quick appearance in the Jaguars' locker room on Wednesday to shake hands and say goodbye to teammates before he left to join the Baltimore Ravens.

It may not be the last time a veteran player does that this month.

Several other players could possibly find themselves headed elsewhere before the Oct. 29 trade deadline if general manager Dave Caldwell decides to stockpile more draft picks for 2014 and beyond.

"Can't think about it like that," guard Uche Nwaneri said. "You just can't look at it from that perspective or you're going to be walking around like a ghost in here. You just have to move forward."

Coach Gus Bradley tried to help players do that by addressing the Monroe trade in a team meeting. He told them the deal didn’t signify that the team has thrown in the towel on 2013 -- they’re 0-4 heading into Sunday’s game at St. Louis -- and there currently are no other deals in the works, but he couldn’t guarantee the Jaguars won’t unload another veteran as part of a salary purge.

"I addressed that, but I guess if they think that how can you blame them?" Bradley said. "Right now there are no moves. I talked to Dave and he said right now we have nothing pending and nothing going on. I wish I could alleviate that for some of the players but as you know the NFL is a business.

"This [Monroe trade] just popped up so I understand that and what I asked of them is to just come back and concentrate and let’s go to work."

Tight end Marcedes Lewis said he didn’t get the sense that the young players were upset or worried even before the meeting. Most of them understand that there’s a business side to the game.

"[Bradley] put everything in perspective for us,” Lewis said. “But even coming into the building, there wasn't a whole bunch of grumps. That's how the NFL is. In my eight years, I've seen some stuff that shocked me. You take it and you roll on. We wish Eugene the best of luck and move on."

It’s not like trading Monroe was a shock. He hadn’t played particularly well and wasn’t a good fit in the team’s new zone-blocking scheme. Plus, he was in the final year of his contract.

Even if it was a huge surprise, Maurice Jones-Drew would have taken it in stride just as he did on Wednesday.

“We all understand it,” he said. “I’ve been here when we’ve cut our quarterback Week 1 twice. I don’t think there’s too much more that can shock you about this deal.”