An addendum on Cushing's impact

Earlier this week I wrote about Brian Cushing's impact on the Texans' defense, looking at the Texans with and without him last week and last year.

Foolish was I to not wait for our weekly stats package from ESPN Stats and Info.

They took a look at Cushing's impact since 2010. The Texans allowed an average of .7 more yards per play without Cushing than they did with him. He made a slightly bigger impact on pass plays (6.8 without him and 6.1 with him) than rushing plays (4.2 without him and 3.7 with him).

It's always worth noting numbers like this to understand his impact. Fortunately for the Texans, I don't expect the Texans to have to do without him on Sunday in San Francisco. Texans coach Gary Kubiak has said Cushing has progressed well through the concussion protocol and should be cleared on Friday.