Rapid Reaction: Houston Texans

SAN FRANCISCO -- A few thoughts from the Houston Texans' 34-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

What it means: OK, now it's time for the Texans to panic. It is possible to win with a quarterback who isn't great, but it isn't possible when he struggles as much as Matt Schaub did on Sunday in San Francisco. The mental state of a quarterback who was given an extension worth $69.7 million before the start of the 2012 season has to be a major concern for Houston going forward.

Stock watch: Schaub's stock bottomed out on Sunday. He threw a pick-six on his first throw of the game and became the first player since the 1970 merger to throw interceptions that were returned for touchdowns in four consecutive games. There was the occasional sharp throw sprinkled into a game in which just about nothing went right for the Texans and especially Schaub. Briefly, he looked broken. It was the right move to give Schaub a chance to redeem himself after last weekend's loss to the Seattle Seahawks. But given that chance, Schaub struggled so heartily that by the time he was benched in favor of T.J. Yates, he had 19 completions for 173 yards, no touchdowns and three interceptions. 49ers safety Eric Reid should have caught a fourth interception, but he dropped it.

What happened to the defense?: Can't pin this loss on the defense even a little bit. They were put into bad positions by their offense frequently. They needed to be perfect if the Texans were to have a chance with their offense struggling, and they weren't. As Yates warmed up on the sideline, the Texans' gave up a 64-yard touchdown pass from Colin Kaepernick to Vernon Davis, but the 49ers quarterback didn't otherwise have many passing yards.

What's next: The Texans get a reprieve after facing the Ravens, Seahawks and 49ers in consecutive weeks. But they have a lot of questions to answer before playing the St. Louis Rams next weekend.