RTC: Watt urges fans to 'stick with' Texans

Reading the coverage of the Texans...

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt urged fans to sick with the Texans after a Play 60 event on Tuesday, writes Julie Takahashi of Sports Radio 610.

The voice of the Texans, Marc Vandermeer, offers his thoughts on the Texans' latest loss and the potential for this turning into a lost season.

Grantland took a few stabs at Texans quarterback Matt Schaub (nearly in the literal sense). First, Andrew Sharp's piece included this line: "'Pining for Case Keenum' is the dictionary definition of rock bottom." Rock bottom is what Texans coach Gary Kubiak said last Sunday should be, and Keenum is the quarterback whose name was trending in Houston during that game.

Meanwhile, Grantland's Bill Barnwell, who wrote last week that he didn't see why Schaub couldn't help the Texans win a Super Bowl, tried to make sense of the quarterback's latest slump.

And finally, fans accosted Schaub at his home, according to Sports Radio 610. The station cites "The Fred and Ted Show," which is hosted by Fred Davis and former NFL player Ted Johnson. I'll write more on this later, but as I tweeted last night, this isn't the first time a Texans player has had to rely on law enforcement to help with fans getting a little too close.