Ed Reed: Parallels between Schaub, Flacco

HOUSTON -- Texans safety Ed Reed said a few weeks ago that he has the same feeling about the Texans that he did last year about the Ravens.

He still does. And the parallels he sees go right down to the quarterback.

"I told Matt (Schaub) exactly the same thing of what Joe (Flacco) went through," Reed said.

It was big news last January when Reed, then with the Ravens, said Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was "kind of rattled a little bit" in Baltimore's playoff win over the Houston Texans. He offered assorted critiques for his quarterback.

"The fact of the matter was, he was," Reed said. "We were as a defense as well. If you go back and watch that game when I made that comment, I also said I was rattled when I first played. If T.J. don’t throw the ball to Andre and see Kevin Walter in the end zone wide open, it would’ve been a touchdown, different ballgame. I see the same situation.

"Me and Matt talked about it, though his situation is different with fans and everything. That’s a little overboard because at the end of the day this is just a game. If someone is representing your home team, you got to love them through thick and thin. I’m a fan of sports as well, when somebody’s doing bad, I know fans hurt like we hurt. But no one hurts like the person who’s going through it."

Reed added that if someone is going to Schaub's house, they better also be ready to scream for the Texans when the Rams come to town.

I asked Reed if he'd ever dealt with fans showing up at his home.

"Yes I have, in Baltimore," Reed said. "Someone has shown up to my house. They ask for autographs. They’ll wave. Ask for donations. Had my house broken into in Baltimore the Friday before the Super Bowl. You’d think no one would do that especially in Baltimore."

Reed was also asked if Baltimore turned on the Ravens when they struggled last season.

"It’s never the whole city, it’s always a couple people," Reed said. "It’s always a couple people that feel like they’re the coaches like they’re here in the locker room. You’re not in the gym with us. You’re not in the gym. So I don’t really know how to take it. I’ve been on that side. I am a fan, too."

And then some advice.

"Just like this is our livelihood, for some people, I hate to say it, it’s their livelihood. They’re putting the pennies on it. We’re not telling you to put the pennies on it. You put your pennies on something that’s not guaranteed. A game is not guaranteed to supply those pennies for you if you’re sitting on your couch right now playing fantasy football. I hate to tell you, but it’s the truth."