Having to miss season hit Colts' Allen hard

INDIANAPOLIS -- Dwayne Allen opened the season with the mind frame that he was one of the best tight ends in the NFL.

It was only a few weeks after those comments that the Indianapolis Colts’ second-year player spent almost two days being hard on himself because his season had come to an end due to a hip injury suffered in their Week 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

“Very tough, very tough,” Allen said. “I kind of had it hard on myself and took it very hard. Just had a hard time dealing with the fact I was going to be done for the season.”

The Colts and Allen were hoping his hip would heal on its own, but they decided surgery was the best option after getting a second opinion. Allen has about three to four months of recovery time ahead of him.

Allen came down awkwardly after Oakland linebacker Kevin Burnett tipped quarterback Andrew Luck’s pass across the middle of the field in the Sept. 8 season opener.

“I guess I came down too quick or something and I guess my leg got caught in the turf,” Allen said.” I immediately knew something was wrong, grabbed for [my hip], but my high school coach, who is like my father, always told me if it ain’t bleeding and the bone ain’t sticking out, you get up. I grabbed for it, stretched and went back to the huddle, but I knew something was wrong.”

The injury happened so early in the season that Allen will be ready to go by the time offseason workouts begin.

“The silver lining really is me injuring it, I was able to correct something that I possibly could have injured in high school,” Allen said. “I just didn’t have the proper care “