Kubiak: Manning has significant knee injury

HOUSTON -- It appears Houston Texans safety Danieal Manning does have a serious injury that could keep him out several weeks.

But it's not a fractured fibula as the Houston Chronicle reported.

"Danieal, the way it’s described to me as of right now, what I know right now, he has a significant knee injury and it’s something that’s going to take some time," coach Gary Kubiak said. "We’re trying to evaluate exactly how much time before we make a decision moving forward. That’s what’s being evaluated right now."

Manning told me earlier today that he had an MRI that revealed no tears in his knee. At the time he was awaiting the results of a CT scan and was surprised to hear the report that he suffered a hairline fracture in his fibula.

Manning hyperextended his knee in the third quarter of Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams.

Without him, Shiloh Keo will start. Keo started the first two games of the season when Houston didn't have Ed Reed.

"Obviously, Shiloh moves up right away," Kubiak said. "So they’re interchangeable form that standpoint. Brandon Harris can also go back there and play some safety. We’ll have to see where this evaluation goes. Are we talking about having to replace somebody for a long period of time? So we’ll have to see."