Power Rankings: No. 22 Houston Texans

A weekly examination of the Texans' ESPN.com Power Ranking.

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On Sunday, the St. Louis Rams exposed problems for Houston that went well beyond quarterback Matt Schaub. Consequently, the Texans now find themselves on the brink of the bottom 10, dropping five more spots after a 25-point loss to the Rams. They sit just below the Arizona Cardinals and just above the Atlanta Falcons. The Rams, meanwhile, are ranked 19th.

The range of rankings for the Texans has gone from 17th all the way down to 26th. Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos remained the unanimous No. 1 selection.

The AFC South went winless this weekend, with the Titans losing to the Seahawks, the Colts losing to the Chargers and the Jaguars losing to those top-ranked Broncos. Indianapolis dropped to the sixth spot and Tennessee dropped to 16th while the Jaguars remain dead last.