Don't expect Titans to split out CJ

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The effort to get running back Chris Johnson into space isn’t going to include splitting him out.

People remember the Houston Texans failing to follow him to a split out position in 2009, and Kerry Collins hit him for a 69-yard catch-and-run touchdown.

I don’t know if I love Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains’ thinking there. I understand the rationale. (And I love the candor.)

“We feel like CJ’s strengths are probably coming out of the backfield, not necessarily splitting out and running routes,” Loggains said. “That’s not something that is his strength, [that’s] being in the backfield, being in on a stretch to run the football, run a screen or get out in a pass route from there.

Johnson said splitting out has never been a big part of what the Titans have done with him.

“It’s never been a situation where I had plays really designed for me out there on the outside,” he said. “It never has been like that for me. I know I had the one against Houston where they left me out there. Every time I go out there it’s really like a fly route or a hitch route.

“I have no problem with those. I don’t think I’ll miss them because it was never a big part of the game plan.”

I think the Titans should try to get Johnson in any position possible where he might have a better chance to get into space. It's hard for me to see how splitting him out occasionally wouldn't potentially create a chance at that.