RTC: Bum Phillips remembered

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Again we begin with something that isn't exactly about the Texans, but is part of Houston's pro football history. A memorial service for Bum Phillips was held on Tuesday evening at Lakewood Church. The Houston Chronicle created a slideshow that included quotations from some of the speakers. My favorite was from defensive coordinator Wade Phillips: "I really loved watching that cowboy on the sideline."

Back when Gary Kubiak made Case Keenum the third-stringer instead of the backup quarterback, Chris Baldwin of Houston Culture Map wrote that Kubiak was "coaching scared." He now commends Kubiak for sticking with Keenum, and contrasts Keenum's situation with that of Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin. Baldwin attacks Rockets coach Kevin McHale for not throwing his support behind Lin. Don't agree with it, but as always, an interesting take by Baldwin.

Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press plays the "parsing Kubiak's quotes" game with zest.

The Texans added former Texas A&M defensive back Steven Terrell to their practice squad, writes CSNHouston.com's Dave Zangaro. Terrell fills the hole left by running back Ray Graham, who was promoted to be one of the five running backs now on Houston's active roster.