Wade Phillips on the stress of coaching

HOUSTON -- As a coach's son, Wade Phillips saw up close the toll coaching can take on a person growing up. He got a personal taste of it when he grew up to coach just like his father. Phillips' coaching career includes three stints as a head coach in Denver, Buffalo and Dallas.

"A lot of stress involved," Phillips said. "It’s not being President, but it’s pretty close as far as everything you do is bad or wrong."

It's not clear whether Texans coach Gary Kubiak's "mini-stroke" was the result of stress, but there's no denying the long hours and stressful situations in which coaches place themselves and find themselves.

"There’s a certain amount you have to do, and there’s a lot of work involved," Phillips said. "So hours are somewhat a factor, but I think it’s certainly just the person himself and how you handle those things."

Even as he recovers, Kubiak has tried to check in more than those around him would like. Offensive coordinator Rick Dennison has heard from him more than he's responded. Kubiak has ceded overall decision-making to Phillips, but it's not surprising that it's hard for him to unplug. That's not a switch that's easy to turn off.