Phillips: Texans try to keep things in-house

HOUSTON -- The very first question of Wade Phillips' first Monday news conference as the Houston Texans' interim head coach was about Ed Reed's comments that the Texans were outplayed and outcoached.

Reed actually specified that was only the case in certain situations, he alluded to predictability from the Texans and he said players and coaches need to do some soul searching. But the point remains.

"Oh wow; good start," Phillips said.

He went on: "We certainly tried -- everybody has their own feelings about what’s happening, they have their own ideas about what’s happening or didn’t happen. We try to keep everything in house. That’s our policy here. that’s what we try to do. That’s what I’m going to do."

Was he surprised Reed didn't keep things in house?

"I really don’t have an answer to that question," Phillips said. "Lot of people have opinions about what should and shouldn’t be done."