Texans D not much different without Reed

HOUSTON -- Most of the focus on Ed Reed's release has been on him not being what the Houston Texans expected when they signed him.

The Houston Chronicle's Jerome Solomon astutely pointed out in his column Wednesday that the Texans weren't what Reed expected, either. He and the Texans expected he'd be coming to a Super Bowl contender to which he could lend leadership and toughness.

That's not where the 2-7 Texans are at all, but it would be a mistake to blame it all on Reed.

ESPN Stats & Information took a look at the Texans' defense with and without Reed this season. He played in 62.7 percent of their defensive snaps and opponents' numbers were similar with him on and off the field.

Opposing quarterbacks' completion percentages and yards per attempt were slightly higher with Reed on the field. Their Total QBR was slightly lower with Reed on the field.

The one major difference came in touchdowns: Houston allowed twice as many passing touchdowns when Reed was off the field than when he was on it.