Case Keenum by the numbers

HOUSTON -- Yesterday, Texans coach Gary Kubiak made the confusing declaration that he had total confidence in Case Keenum, despite having benched him in favor of Matt Schaub on Sunday. He followed that with the explanation that he just didn't want to put a young quarterback in a bad position.

Regardless, he declared Keenum the Texans' starter for this week.

Here is a look at some key numbers from Keenum's first four NFL starts:

99.0 -- Keenum's passer rating, which leads the AFC South.

42.5 -- Keenum's QBR. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck leads the division in this stat. The difference between QBR and passer rating is that QBR accounts for more than just a player's passing statistics. It considers game situation, penalizing a player for a more costly interception and rewarding one for a more beneficial 10-yard completion. For example, a 4-yard completion on third-and-6 isn't considered a positive.

31.4 -- The difference between Keenum's home QBR and road QBR. He is significantly better at home.

77.0, 81.6, 13.2, 6.6 -- Keenum's QBRs in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. There's a downward trend after halftime.

16.7 -- Keenum's QBR on third down. Here's what's interesting about this statistic: Keenum's passer rating is 108.5 on third down, higher than his first or second-down passer ratings. His QBR, on the other hand, is significantly lower on third down than it is on first (59.3) or second down (67.6). Conversely, Matt Schaub's passer rating on third down is only 52.5. He threw five interceptions and two touchdowns on third down. But his QBR on third downs is higher than Keenum's but still not good at 27.4.

147.9 -- Keenum's passer rating when throwing to Andre Johnson. Wow. His QBR is also nearly perfect when throwing to Johnson at 98.9. (Perfect QBR is 100, perfect passer rating is 158.3). Schaub's passer rating when throwing to Johnson is only 69.5 and his QBR only 54.2. Schaub's best QBR and passer rating this season have been on throws targeting tight end Garrett Graham.