Munchak, McGloin share hometown

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Oakland Raiders announced that Matt McGloin will get a second start at quarterback Sunday when the Tennessee Titans visit Oakland.

Terrelle Pryor (knee) was a limited participant in practice Wednesday.

McGloin, an undrafted rookie, connected on 18 of 32 passes for 197 yards and three touchdowns in a 28-23 win at the Houston Texans on Sunday.

That earned him another chance from coach Dennis Allen.

The Titans-Raiders game will be of great interest in Scranton, Penn., where Titans coach Mike Munchak is a favorite son. McGloin is from there too.

The two went to different high schools –- Munchak to Scranton Central and McGloin to West Scranton. They both played at Penn State.

I asked Munchak if McCloin had a chance to surpass him in hometown popularity if the Raiders come out the winner on Sunday.

“He already has, I think he’s taken over,” Munchak said. “You always go with the player rather than the coach and I’m really happy for him. I’ve obviously heard his story. I met his dad and his family last year when I was home.

"A guy that’s walked on and was always told he couldn’t do it starts at Penn State and then told he couldn’t make it in the NFL and then he starts in the NFL and wins a football game in a tough place to win, a game they needed badly.”

Munchak said he, too wants to see McGloin do well.

“I hope he has a great day but doesn’t get a win,” he said.

Paul McGloin and Munchak met at Joe Paterno’s memorial service. The Munchak family knows all about the McGloins because of how closely the community follows high school football, Munchak said.

Recently, the Titans have been less effective at creating quarterback pressure with their front four.

Greg Cosell of NFL Films said on my radio show Wednesday that McGloin plays fast and the Titans will want to make him play even faster, rushing him and causing him problems.

It will be interesting to see if the Titans are willing to blitz more in order to create that.