Texans hit a franchise low

HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans have the worst record in the NFL.

"It’s just unbelievable looking at the team that we have," left tackle Duane Brown said. "Just the kind of season we imagined having coming into this year. Sitting here 11 games in, we’re bottom of the list, that’s unbelievable. Just horrible."

"Do we?" inside linebacker Brooks Reed said. He was told they're tied at the bottom.

"Tied," he said. "I mean, the point is, we're not playing well as a group."

"That’s shocking to hear," cornerback Johnathan Joseph told me. "Sh--, I thought it was other teams worse than us to be honest. I don’t know."

Does it make it worse that this loss was to the Jaguars?

"Yeah it makes it worse," Joseph said. "Losing to Jacksonville’s gotta hurt. I’m not taking anything away from Jacksonville, just with their recent history and stuff like that. I just think top to bottom we have the talent in this locker room to win this ballgame today. But for whatever reason it didn’t happen."

The Texans reached a franchise low in Sunday's 13-6 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, previously the team with the worst record in the NFL. That 2-14 season doesn't qualify because the expectations weren't nearly this high.

This season probably marks a low point in the history of Houston professional sports, becoming the most disappointing NFL team this city's ever had. Sure, the Houston Oilers went from 12-4 to 2-14 in 1994, but they traded Warren Moon before the 1994 season and were decimated by free agency and the start of the salary cap.

This Texans team returned most of the same pieces, especially most of its best pieces. Injuries have hurt, sure, but injuries hurt last season, too. The Texans 12-4 record showed cracks, but the team didn't crumble against less talented teams with the consistency it has this season.

On Sunday the Texans lost to a Jaguars team in rebuilding mode, one that wasn't expecting to win many games. Despite their nine losses, there's an energy in their building, one that comes from an energetic coaching staff and an organization with excitement about the future.

The Texans' 2-9 is more disappointing than that. This season is sucking the energy out of a franchise that came in expecting to be great.

"To be honest with you, it is hard to keep that intensity at a high level when you are going through something like this," running back Ben Tate said. "We are all human beings. So maybe we do need to raise our intensity a little bit."