Walden ready to move on from suspension

INDIANAPOLIS -- Erik Walden, just like he did two weeks ago, stood inside the Indianapolis Colts’ locker room on Wednesday afternoon and apologized for his suspension and being selfish against the Tennessee Titans on Nov. 14.

The suspension is over, and the linebacker is ready to move on.

“I’m over it, I’m past it,” Walden said. “We’re trying to win a game to get that eighth win.”

Walden was suspended for a game after he head-butted Titans tight end Delanie Walker in the second quarter. The head butt was dangerous because Walden had a helmet on and Walker did not. Walden was given an unsportsmanlike penalty for his actions and the NFL suspended him for the Arizona game.

“Cost me a game check, but most of all it cost me a game,” Walden said. “Keep the money. I just wanted to play, be with my brothers. Not able to come to work. That really hurt the most. You learn from it, you move on.”

Walden might not be able to move on from it, because Walker told Tennessee reporters after the nov. 14 game that he would see the Colts' linebacker again and he would “whoop his butt again.”

The Colts and Titans face each other at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday.

Walden said he’s not worried about Walker retaliating Sunday.

“Absolutely not,” Walden said. “I guess that was his way of expressing himself, talking. Lost the game, and he got head-butted. That’s his mentality.”