Upon Further Review: Texans Week 14

A review of four hot issues from the Houston Texans' 27-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Franchise records in a bad way: We'll talk more about this later in the day, but the Texans set some dubious franchise records on Thursday night. Their 115 penalty yards in the first half set a franchise record. Their 177 total penalty yards on 14 penalties set a franchise record, too. That 177-yard total was the highest total by any team since 2001.

Why not kick a field goal with 3:45 remaining? I posed this question to Texans coach Gary Kubiak. Instead of kicking the field goal he went for a fourth-and-2. His reply: "What was there, three minutes or something left at that point? I just, you sit here in the position we're in, trying to win games, trying to have momentum, not sit there and hope that we get it back. We had a good play to make, we just didn't make it. Should've never been in that position." He's right that they shouldn't have been in that position, but kicking a field goal might have made the next drive less harried and desperate. The Texans were down four at the time, a field goal would've meant Schaub needed to lead them only into field goal range (save your Randy Bullock jokes, he hasn't missed one since Nov. 10). I like the idea of giving yourself more leeway.

Swearinger's lesson: Texans safety D.J. Swearinger's best attributes are his energy, passion and confidence. He came from a college program that encourages defensive players to talk to their opponents and make sure they fear them. It's no coincidence that his former college teammate Jadeveon Clowney is also a big talker. Talking is something Swearinger does constantly. In his words: "I do it after every play. Every play." His taunting penalty came after the Texans had notched a third-down stop. The extra 15 yards helped set up a Jacksonville touchdown. It's the first time in Swearinger's young NFL career he has been flagged for taunting, and it was a lesson. "I was just running my mouth too much," he said. "Should have ran off the field, but I was just running my mouth."

A tale of two quarterbacks: Texans coach Gary Kubiak said he will examine the Texans' quarterback situation, once again neither committing to Matt Schaub nor Case Keenum. Here's what Jaguars defensive tackle Sen'Derrick Marks said about the two: "Keenum’ll run. Schaub’s not really a runner, so it kind of changed the scheme but as a defensive lineman you like when Schaub comes in. He has a low release. He’s not really run out of the pocket and if he does you can run him down. It kind of changed a little bit but we just kept our pace and kept our preparation of what we’ve been doing all week."