If Munchak is out, it shouldn't be today

Unhappy Titans fans saw the Texans fire their coach with three games left in the season.

My Twitter timeline suggests many are reaching new levels of disgust. Some Titans fans are hoping there is news this morning on Mike Munchak.

I have no idea how Tommy Smith is going to operate as the lead owner of the Titans, so anything can happen.

But I wouldn’t expect a move Monday.

And there shouldn’t be one.

For starters, do we think management saw the Titans at 5-7 and said, “This team is going to Denver and will beat the Broncos”? No one should have been thinking that way. They were a huge underdog for a reason. Even if the Titans were good this season, this was a game that would have been tough to win.

Why shouldn't the Titans fire Munchak now?

Well, he’s an honorable man who has served the franchise since 1982 as a player, assistant coach and head coach.

There is nothing to be gained by firing him with three games remaining in the season. If team president and CEO Tommy Smith decides to make a change, I would think it would be a complete overhaul. An audition for Gregg Williams, the most likely interim coach on Munchak’s staff, would serve no purpose.

This version of the Titans has proved unable to finish games. It’s lost to a lot of bad teams. It’s not beaten anybody with much of a résumé. The Titans have been overmatched at times. They lost their quarterback. They overestimated their talent.

A lack of energy has not been an issue, so there is no need to look to spark them. Players have not bailed on Munchak or shown themselves to doubt their coach. They have not tuned him out. The locker room is not fractured.

Owners who see those things may be inclined to make a late-season change. Smith is not seeing those things.

What about a head start on finding the next guy?

Well, the Texans have a bigger head start, and Smith can have his people begin to put out back-channel feelers now if he so desires. There will be plenty of good candidates come Dec. 30 if Smith makes a move then.

The biggest thing to gain from firing Munchak now would be that you, an angry Titans fan, might feel a bit better. And making you feel better by firing someone isn’t going to prompt you to buy a ticket or, ultimately, be any more loyal.

Making you happier by firing a guy today shouldn't be management's goal.

If it’s going to happen, what’s three more games?

Why not give one of the franchises all-time greats, a guy who’s shown integrity and has always had the best interest of the franchise at heart, a more conventional and respectable ending?