Phillips wants Texans to 'loosen up'

Last week the Texans faced a team that had come out of a long losing streak.

How did the Jaguars stop their skid?

"I think we tried to keep the focus, I know this is unique, away from winning," Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said last week. "We really just tried to challenge our guys on getting better."

Before they started winning, the Jaguars started the season with eight consecutive losses.

The Texans are now on an 11-game losing streak. Eleven losses in a row can get you very focused on breaking out of that slump. And focusing too hard on doing that can cause a team to press and get tight from that pressure.

Interim head coach Wade Phillips saw a little bit of that from his players.

"The team’s a little bit uptight to me," Phillips said. "And you say, ‘Well, now, you’re not going to have any discipline.’ But I think you can loosen up a little bit. All of the pressure has been on them. They put on themselves. We put it on ourselves rightfully so. We’ve just got to go play now. We’ve got to go play and play as hard as we can.”