Frustrated Zach Brown sends odd signals

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Titans starting weakside linebacker Zach Brown was pulled after six snaps last week, relegated to the bench.

On Monday, coach Mike Munchak said Brown has not been playing as well as the team needs him to.

“We had high expectations for Zach,” Munchak said. “I think we all do. Last year he came on strong the last part of the year with some big plays, some sacks, some interceptions, and things kind of fell his way there at the end of the season. We expected a lot from him, and we felt the last few weeks isn’t quite what we want to see.”

Brown said Wednesday that he’s received no explanation from coaches and has not sought one.

But I’m told by someone who would know that Brown was spoken to by a coach about his status.

It's odd he would say otherwise. Maybe Brown didn't understand or like what he was told.

“I don’t know what’s enough, I mean, the production speaks for itself," Brown said. "I’m in my right fits, I be in my right gaps … I just do what they ask me. I mean sometime you have to be a football player and go get the ball, you can’t always be a robot.”

Brown disagrees with the assessment he isn’t playing very well.

If he wasn’t, he said, he wouldn’t be second on the team with 104 tackles.

The 26-yard catch by Arizona’s Andre Ellington on the Cardinals' second series appeared to be the play that got Brown pulled. He said it was against a zone and in a zone that was not his responsibility. According to Brown, Ellington found a honey hole between a safety and a corner and Brown was smart enough to turn his hips and race to help. He made the tackle.

Brown said he was not with the first-team defense in practice Wednesday and presumes he’s not starting in the final two games. He spoke of “still auditioning for 31 teams.”

A second-round pick in his second year isn’t going anywhere soon.

He’ll have to patch things up with this staff or the next.