Irsay purchases Xbox Ones for his team

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has no problem hopping on Twitter to criticize his team for its performance after blowout losses. He did it in the preseason, and he's done it during the regular season.

But Irsay showed a gentler side of himself Friday when he purchased Xbox One game consoles for each player for Christmas.

Yes, Irsay was able to work his magic and get his hands on the hot-selling gaming system that seems impossible to purchase. Shoppers often stand in line for hours to purchase the system only to have retail outlets sell out of them moments after putting them on the shelves.

So instead of having to use their connections or overspending for the gaming systems that are retailed at $499, the players had one waiting for them in a green and white bag at their locker Friday.

The embarrassing criticism Irsay posts on Twitter probably isn’t so bad now for the players.