Wade Phillips is learning 'new rules'

Even when he was just the Texans' defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips wasn't shy about letting us know when he disagreed with the way something was called, or a rule.

Now as interim head coach, Phillips continues that trend.

Asked about one of Peyton Manning's fourth-quarter touchdowns, Phillips interrupted the question to make this point:

"I didn’t realize this year that there’s a new rule that if you can juggle the ball all the way through the end zone that it’s a touchdown," Phillips said. "But I guess we’ve got a new rule there, along with pass interference. I think there’s an arm bar and then there’s grabbing a guy when he’s catching a ball and evidently, there’s one where the ball is thrown over his head and nobody touches him and it’s pass interference. There’s a couple new things that I’ve learned since being a head coach."

The juggling to which he refers came on one of Broncos' receiver Eric Decker's touchdown catches. Decker caught the ball awkwardly near his hip. In watching the replay, I didn't think the ball moved, and the officials ruled that way, too, but many others disagreed. Phillips is one of those people.

And of course, pass interference has been a project of Phillips' all season. Last week he asked the NFL for an explanation on a pass interference called on inside linebacker Darryl Sharpton that led to a Colts touchdown.