Titans worst, Colts best on quick scores against

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

AFC East sage Tim Graham found some very interesting numbers for this fine entry on how Miami hurts itself by allowing quick scores.

Of course, he told me nothing about it, leaving me to discover it for myself. Lucky for me I am a devoted reader. He and I will sort that out Sunday night in an undercard bout before Patriots-Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Anyhow …

In gathering evidence of Miami’s terrible tendency, he found out that the Titans rank with the Lions as the worst in the NFL at allowing touchdowns on drives of six plays or fewer with 19. Wow, that’s a lot and nothing is more demoralizing than giving up a quick score.

Unsurprisingly, the undefeated Colts are as good as anyone at forcing teams to string together more than six plays on any trip that winds up in the end zone.

Like Denver, Indianapolis has given up just one such drive.

San Francisco scored in two plays in the first quarter of the Colts-Niners game in Week 8, when Frank Gore went 64-yards on the second play of a possession.

Houston and Jacksonville rank in the middle of the pack with eight such drives surrendered.