Logan Thomas inconsistent, but intriguing

MOBILE, Ala. -- Logan Thomas expects the question.

Whenever he meets with NFL teams, the quarterback knows he will be asked why he was so inconsistent throughout his career at Virginia Tech. Why his production was not nearly as impressive as his physical tools?

His answer is short and honest.

"I say, 'Ya’ll are exactly right,'" he said. "I have been a little inconsistent, but it’s all mechanical. It’s all fixable, and they agree with me."

Thomas is clearly the most physically gifted quarterback at the Reese’s Senior Bowl. He’s got a huge frame (6-feet-6, 250 pounds), a strong arm, and his athleticism and running ability compare to Carolina’s Cam Newton. But he completed only 55.5 percent of his passes and threw 53 touchdown passes and 39 interceptions at Virginia Tech.

Thomas said his mechanical issues stem from poor fundamentals with his left leg, and he has been working with renowned quarterback coach George Whitfield.

Thomas has had his moments during Senior Bowl practices this week, but he has also delivered some off-balance, inaccurate throws. He has missed seeing open receivers, too, and has taken off running too soon at times.

Jaguars general manager David Caldwell said Thomas is an intriguing prospect, but in order to draft him a team has to decide if his inconsistency really is related to mechanical issues that can be corrected, or if that’s just who Thomas is.

"Well you have to project a little bit, and what our offense would be, what he’ll be two years from now, three years from now, and can you develop [him]," Caldwell said. "His issues with consistency, are they something that can be corrected or are they something that, as you know with certain quarterbacks, they’re just habitual and they’ve had them their whole life."

That’s the scenario that plagued Tim Tebow in his short NFL career. He tried to tinker and fix the throwing motion he used his entire life and was not able to make a significant change. Is Thomas the same way?

Caldwell said the Jaguars are interested in Thomas -- he said they are interested in everybody at the Senior Bowl, too -- but he would need some work before he’d be ready to get on the field.

"You always kind of draft for the floor," Caldwell said. "Whenever you take a player you hope that they’re going to get better, but expect them to be who they are. If you expect to be like, ‘Oh, we’re going to turn this guy into a Pro Bowler even though he doesn’t have this, this and that.’ It doesn’t happen. It happens sometimes, but if you draft to the floor you know you’re going to at least get that, and then if it turns out to be more than that, that’s great."