Evolving playbook on schedule for April 7

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The players aren't around for a good while still.

The playbook should be ready for them when they return to team headquarters.

Titans coaches are on combine duty for the next couple of days, but they will continue to work on the playbook when they return from Indy.

While some of what they draw up will be crafted to who they know they will have on their team and what those players can do, it’ll be broader than that.

Later they can scratch sections of it they aren’t suited for, enhance sections they are suited for and add new elements they see as needed.

“The offseason program starts April 7, by that point we hope as a staff to have been through the playbook, to have been through the bulk of everything,” offensive coordinator Jason Michael told The Midday 180 this week. “Once we get that in we will tinker with things, we’ll build our packages off of those plays.

“Once we get a chance to spend some time with the guys here and get a better feel for the current roster and get a chance to build the roster through free agency and the draft, we’ll get a better feel for maybe leaning one way or the other.”

As I wrote earlier Wednesday, the playbook will come on a team-issued iPad. Changes made at team headquarters by coaches will immediately get sent to everyone’s iPad, and the system will allow players to easily watch film anywhere.

Now all I need is a way to get one of those iPads on April 7. Not that I'd understand much of it.