RTC: Teddy Bridgewater redux

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

Didn't have enough of Teddy Bridgewater yesterday? Why, excellent! We'll continue talking about him today.

As I mentioned yesterday, a quarterback's pro day is only part of his evaluation. It actually can be a misleading one. Later today I'm going to go through some notable pro days from the past to further illustrate what good and bad pro days mean. But the good pro days are easier to ignore than the bad ones mostly because the bad ones are rare these days. I wrote some about that yesterday, and so did Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke, who delved into the historical difficulty of projecting quarterbacks.

The Houston Chronicle is covering various pro days and sent their Brian Smith to Louisville for Bridgewater's. He offered his own indictment of Bridgewater and then some thoughts from analysts. "Probably not as good as I think he expected. I think he missed a few more throws than you expect at a pro day," said Warner, an NFL Network analyst. "But I don't know if this weighs that heavily into who he is and what he's accomplished and where he'll end up going in the draft."

Jarrett Bell of USA Today caught Texans general manager Rick Smith Sunday night in a story that posted Monday morning. Smith talked about need and value and such. He said he was anxious to see Bridgewater throw.

After his pro day, Bridgewater made his pitch to the Texans for why they should take him No. 1 overall, writes James Palmer of CSNHouston.com. “You should take me No. 1 because first I’m a winner,” Bridgewater said to NBCSN's Shaun King. “I was able to win a lot of games in college. I’m accurate with the football, I’m smart with the football, won’t turn the ball over, I’m a leader for sure.”