Irsay's absence should not impact Colts

INDIANAPOLIS – Owner Jim Irsay’s decision to voluntarily enter a health-care facility has a trickle down affect on the Indianapolis Colts.

But does it have a large impact?

Irsay has history of being a general manager. He was the NFL's youngest general manager when he served in that capacity as a 24 year old in 1984. Irsay has been an excellent sounding board for current general manager Ryan Grigson, who just completed his second season in that role.

Irsay won’t be around the team while he deals with his personal issues at the treatment facility, but his absence won’t have a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of the Colts because they have capable people to handle the business and football side of things.

Irsay’s daughter Carlie Irsay-Gordon will have the final say on team’s decisions if necessary.

Grigson will continue to run the football operation on a day-to-day basis. Chief operating officer Pete Ward, who has been with the Colts for 33 years, will be in charge of things on the business side.

Who is Carlie Irsay-Gordon?

  • Irsay-Gordon joined the Colts as vice president in 2008

  • She just completed her second season as vice-chair/owner

  • Interned in the football and marketing departments while in college