What Houston would get with Fitzpatrick

When the Tennessee Titans cut quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick last week, our Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky predicted Fitzpatrick would have a job by Monday.

"What's taking so long?" Kuharsky asked, when I called a few minutes ago.

The Houston Texans, in search of a veteran who can either help develop their quarterback of the future or act as a stopgap until they find him, are having Fitzpatrick in for a visit today, a source confirmed.

Last season with the Titans, Fitzpatrick completed 62 percent of his passes, threw 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. That's not too far off Matt Schaub's 2013 completion percentage of 61.2. But close or a tie, in the case of Schaub versus another veteran, has to go to the other veteran. Schaub is much too expensive and has much too much baggage for that not to be the case.

Fitzpatrick, by all accounts, is a good guy, he'll be a good mentor, he's smart (Harvard!) and has experience that could help him in a hold-over role. His 77.5 passer rating isn't great, but it's fine.

Kuharsky says Fitzpatrick is streaky. He'll get hot at times and cold at others. His stats indicate he'll throw too many interceptions, but for those of you petrified by the 2013 Texans, another pick-six barrage would be highly unlikely.

The Texans could do a lot worse.