Going rogue: Catch me at ESPN Boston

I can’t make any promises about the frequency of my comments, but I do intend to infiltrate ESPNBoston.com’s Cover it Live during the Patriots-Colts game Sunday night.

Actually I was invited.

Presumably because the higher ups think AFC East knucklehead Tim Graham and ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss and Chris Forsberg will be able to quash the guy offering Indianapolis’ perspective.

Perhaps they also know of my deep affection for the Red Sox. (Kidding.)

Since I’ve heard no rumblings of an ESPN Indianapolis startup, the AFC South will have to jump to AFC East turf.

Maybe I will go recruit Bob Kravitz of The Fan ESPN Radio 1070 here (as well as the Indianapolis Star) and get him a password.

Please do stop by, just head here. We're underway, here.