Colts failing to contain Patriots' Moss

INDIANAPOLIS -- It's time for the Colts to make some adjustments with the Randy Moss coverage.

The Patriots have touchdown drives of six and two plays after the Colts had given up just one that fast all season, and both have been spurred by Moss. He found an open pasture in the secondary for a 55-yard gain on the first drive.

And now, despite tight coverage from safety Antoine Bethea, Moss just caught a 53-yard scoring pass from Tom Brady to put the Patriots ahead 17-7.

Bethea had his right arm between Moss’ arms as the receiver made the catch with no concern for the defensive arm placement.

Rookie corners were a big story to many coming in. They may have been a factor on the first big gainer, but the safeties, Bethea and Melvin Bullitt, have been more of the issue.

Meanwhile as the Colts look to drive, Donald Brown is working as the feature back. Joseph Addai’s been out since suffering a finger injury, and my guess is we aren’t going to see him again.