Lechler isn't a fan of moving the extra point

Texans punter/holder Shane Lechler has been doing his job a long time and lately he's seen more change than he'd like in the NFL.

One such change will get a test run in the preseason this year -- moving the extra point back to increase the degree of difficulty.

"I’m not a big fan of messing with tradition at all," Lechler said earlier this week during Matt Schaub's charity golf tournament. "It will be interesting to see how it works. It’s one of those things, I think in my opinion, I think it’s gonna have to be supported by all the teams to make this change. Messing with tradition is just tough for me, I think."

The idea behind this change is that the extra point is not a particularly important play because it's too easy for kickers. And while Lechler doesn't agree with that, he does admit the change would add intrigue.

"I mean, it’s still gotta be a great snap, a hold and a kick," Lechler said. "It’s still all three things and I think, yeah, everybody, it seems to be a given every time you kick it, but all of a sudden there’s three or four a year that don’t make it and that’s a big difference in a ball game. Now, if you move it back, yeah, would it bring more interest in the two-point conversion? Of course. If you just go 50 percent you cover up for missed PATs. I think there would probably be more interest in it, but I just don’t like changing the game. I think we’re doing way too much of that right now."