Vollmer doing well to keep Freeney quiet

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Colts got a big sack from Robert Mathis, but they’ve generally been unable to harass Tom Brady and that’s been a big piece of their problem Sunday night.

Mathis just got Brady and forced a fumble, but Dan Koppen recovered and New England retained possession.

Dwight Freeney came into the game as an under-appreciated defensive player of the year candidate, I thought, with at least a sack in every game and 9.5 total.

Pregame thinking was that Freeney would be able to get underneath the pads of rookie left tackle Sebastian Vollmer, who’s 6-8. But while Vollmer’s had some help, more from backs than tight ends, Freeney’s not found any avenues for using the size to Vollmer’s disadvantage.

I just locked in on the matchup for a couple snaps. Vollmer appears to be having no difficulties.