Watt did own two-a-days in offseason

It's a beautiful day for softball here at Constellation Field in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land.

And even though Texans defensive end J.J. Watt could have spent his offseason in temperate winter temperatures, he went back home to Wisconsin to put himself through a rigorous two-a-day program.

Well, not exactly home.

"I kind of just, more, went into a hole," Watt said Friday before his foundation's charity softball classic. "You just climb into a hole and you just want to work out of it. And so I kind of went to Wisconsin, put a mattress in my buddy's dining room or his apartment and just kind of lived that Rocky lifestyle for a little bit, where you don't do a whole lot of media, you don't do a lot events, you work."

Motivated by a 2-14 season he's insisted won't happen again, Watt worked harder than he ever has.

"As long as you can keep the balance right, you can do it the right way," he said. "But this is definitely the hardest offseason I've put myself through from a training standpoint. And I can tell. I feel great."

The way he'll be used this season will be different from how Wade Phillips used him during his first three seasons. He knows exactly what that means, having had conversations with defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel about it, but grinned and didn't say much when asked about it.

Said Watt: "I'm a football player and it's my job to make plays and I'll go out there and I'll make plays."