Countdown to the Draft: 1 day

Get the balloons and confetti ready.

One day remains until this year's draft.

We've gone from bowl game heroics to combine measurements to pro day booms and busts.

Oh, and how could we forget presidential dog cameos.

We started our countdown at 15 days remaining, and then counted down through the extra two weeks forced upon us this season.


1. The number of teams that have had the top pick in more than one draft since 2002.

That would be the Houston Texans. Since this team's inception, no other team has had the first overall selection in the draft more than once.

This, of course, is the Texans' third time with that top pick. They selected David Carr in 2002 and Mario Williams in 2006.

There is good news for the Texans. The past two teams that drafted first -- the Chiefs in 2013 and the Colts in 2012 -- made the playoffs in the next season.