'Numbers Never Lie' talks Manziel, Clowney

We are close to the start of Jadeveon Clowney's first news conference with the Houston media.

While you wait, take a listen to the Numbers Never Lie podcast in which Jemele Hill and Michael Smith discuss the Texans' selection of Jadeveon Clowney and Cowboys passing on Johnny Manziel.

They start with Manziel:

"I did think it would be a neat story just to troll America," Smith said. "For all those people who didn't want to see those forces of media nature collide, it would've been great. ... They would've set themselves up for the long term with an heir apparent to a 34-year-old coming off two back surgeries."

"Once Johnny Manziel slipped out of the top 10, it was a really good value pick," Hill said.

On Clowney:

"I'm worried about this pick," Hill said. "I have been from the beginning. I understand why we're so infatuated with Jadeveon Clowney's physicality ... but to me the motivation and how he played out his last season is still an issue for me. ... Particularly when you compare it to other defensive ends that have been highly rated that have been in that position."

"What if the Texans and Romeo Crennel and J.J. Watt and that locker room and that culture, and whatever chip he now has on his shoulder given the work ethic criticisms, what if that allows him to tap 75 ot 80 percent of his potential?" Smith said. "That's still a monster .... He can make several game-changing plays per game without trying. ... As much as they needed a quarterback, as much as I wanted them to take Johnny Manziel, I can't say that I can second-guess them taking the most talented prospect in the draft. OK he's not a finished product. It's up to the coaching staff to refine him."