Texans need to be blown away to trade 33

The Houston Texans' first overall pick was on the trading block until right near the end of their time on the clock. With three minute remaining, they called Jadeveon Clowney to tell him they were dratfing him.

Texans general manager Rick Smith explained that they were excited about Clowney, so they were unwilling to give up the pick but for a steep price.

Houston is taking the same approach in the second round, according to head coach Bill O'Brien's conversation with ESPN's Ed Werder.

O'Brien told Werder that the Texans have players on their board they're prepared to take unless someone blows them away with a trade offer.

O'Brien said there are four to six quarterbacks remaining on their board at various spots. And, um, he mentioned Derek Carr by name.

The second round begins at 7 p.m. Eastern.