Dissecting Manning in win

INDIANAPOLIS -- It’s the morning after a big win by Peyton Manning and the Colts, so you know what’s coming.

That’s right: Exquisite information from ESPN Stats & Information from out of Indianapolis’ improbable 35-34 win over the Patriots that pushed the Colts’ record to 9-0:

The Patriots allowed Manning to throw short passes against them, and he thrived.

The Patriots didn't send extra pressure against Manning very often, but Manning was able to handle it when he saw it. In fact, the Manning was so good against added pass-rushers in the first half (5-of-6, 91 yards and a touchdown) that New England sent five guys at him only once after intermission.

The Colts came into the week leading the league in production out of the double formation -- which has two skill players on each side of the formation. Out of such sets, they averaged 6.6 yards per play.

But the formation wasn't working until the fourth quarter on Sunday.