Cameron: Mettenberger good in tight space

Cam Cameron has 14 years of NFL coaching experience, so he knows first hand what an NFL quarterback looks like.

Tuesday on The Midday 180 in Nashville, LSU's offensive coordinator said he has no doubts Zach Mettenberger's game will translate to the next level.

Cameron said Mettenberger rates as phenomenal on third down and in the red zone with pinpoint accuracy where NFL quarterbacks can't afford to be off target.

"He's like a lot of tall guys that kind of get overextended in their stride length, and really sometimes that's not an issue in college because there is a lot of room in the pocket," Cameron said. "I just felt like his balls were a little less accurate than they should be. The critical thing was to make sure that he was NFL-ready and he bought into the fact that you've got to be able to play in limited space. That's the thing we always felt that separate guys, the guys that can be laser and pinpoint accurate with minimal space. Norv Turner taught me that 20-some years ago.

"The guys that can throw with minimal space separate themselves. He's done that. He doesn't need any space to throw the ball from sideline to sideline or vertically."

We'll see Mettenberger on the field with the rookie class on Friday and begin to get a sense of the start of his move to the pros.

Hear the whole interview here.