Locker, Titans sorting through the volume

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When the Tennessee Titans pumped up the volume a year ago, it was a loud music soundtrack to practice.

Players on offense say the increased volume this year is about the playbook.

"It's definitely the most intense offense I've ever learned and I've learned four offenses in five years at this point,” receiver and returner Marc Mariani said. “It’s just the volume. We have so much stuff. And I'm learning all three positions and have to get on every detail.”

Veteran backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst said he rates the volume of the playbook as “medium,” but said there is a lot to learn now, as the coaches throw a lot at the team, demand a lot of players and get a sense of what they can handle and what will work.

He suggested players will have a chance to operate at a more standard pace later.

Jake Locker said the volume has been challenging, but it has also produced some rewards.

“I think this is the most (I've sorted through at this time of year), but surprisingly I feel like I have been able to have ownership of parts of it quicker than I have other things in the past,” he said. “Feeling really confident in protection, making protection changes and calls.

“Feeling really confident making some dummy calls here and there and doing things like that that I haven't been as confident doing before. Yeah there is a lot of stuff, but I think that the way we've gone about it has really kind of allowed you to move quickly with it.”

File it in the encouraging spring talk file, which is overstuffed around the league.

But that's an interesting answer from Locker, who's got a chance to thrive in Ken Whisenhunt's offense, which most around the league expect to be superior to what it's replacing.