Willie McGinest drops by Texans practice

HOUSTON -- Sometimes players listen better when they hear something from another player or a former player rather than from a coach.

The linebackers get that every day with former NFL linebacker and Super Bowl champion Mike Vrabel as their position coach. Today another dropped by -- Willie McGinest, who now makes his money as an NFL Network analyst.

McGinest was out on the practice field today working with the outside linebackers and he also made an appearance in their meetings.

"He talked a little bit about pass rush and also how to play the run," Texans outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus said. "How to be explosive out of our stance and things like that. He's got a lot of knowledge. He plays in this game and has been successful. We can learn a lot of things from him. ... It was really cool to have somebody like him to be in the meetings and give a little bit of knowledge on the field, too."

McGinest played on teams with Romeo Crennel as either the defensive coordinator or head coach for seven seasons. He played five seasons with Vrabel and told me a few months ago that Vrabel was the smartest player he'd ever had as a teammate. If you missed that link earlier in the offseason, it's also got some of McGinest's thoughts on how he imagines the Texans will use Jadeveon Clowney.